"Bearded father of three, husband to my soulmate"


 The biggest motivation I have is my wife Lisa, and my three beautiful daughters! Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Starting a family young is no easy task, but worth it in so many ways! Married at nineteen, three daughters by the time I was twenty one I have experienced just about all life has to offer! Just about anyways! I've learned how to remain calm in almost all situations, and if I cant keep calm I start singing a beetles song...

My thoughts are you can fix anything in this world with a Beetles song or a roll of duct tape! 


"Family is my Life"


I grew up experiencing life.  Whether I was surfing, snowboarding, or camping with my buddies, I lived life in the moment.  I rarely planned one day to the next and if an opportunity presented itself I was always one of the first to jump on it.  I craved adventure and never quite found anything to satisfy my hunger.  After many years living in Southern California, one day I woke up and decided I wanted a complete change in my life, packed up my stuff and moved to the Boston area.  I never intended to stay long but plans changed when I ran into a radical chick who began the greatest adventure of all.  Ten years later, we're married, have two of the cutest kids you'll ever see, and still look at each other as if we just met yesterday.  These days the thirst for adventure is alive and well.  But instead of going at it solo I've found my partners in crime and together we plan to take the world by storm.


Mike's journey with Redwood & Rye began long before the studio's inception as a second photographer for Jamie. When Jamie and Mike first met they instantly bonded over a mutual love of music and the technical side of photography that would make most peoples eyes glaze over.  Before long he became Jamie's right hand man and was at his side for nearly every wedding.  So when Mike expressed interest in taking his role to the next level we jumped at the opportunity to add him as a more integral part of the team.


As an associate photographer for Redwood & Rye, Mike books and shoots weddings under the "Redwood & Rye Studio" name but don't get it twisted.  He's still the same fun-loving, tap dancing, over 6 foot tall son of a gun our clients have come to know and love as second photographer.

So sit down with Mike.  You'll love him, you'll love his photos and you might just get to hear all about his side life as the bass player in one of Boston's best bands.