We invite you on a unique experience. An experience that will result in the most meaningful photographs ever taken of you and your partner. Photographs that will express the depth of your love for each other. By getting to know you as well as an old friend, we'll work with you to celebrate all the things you love about your partner in order to capture photographs that will celebrate the raw emotion and true reasons why you've chosen them as your life mate. 



The Redwood & Rye Engagement Experience is so much more than a simple photoshoot. It's an opportunity to celebrate each other and all of the little things you love about one another. The goal isn't to get to know each other before the wedding day. If we haven't gotten to know each other before our session there is something seriously wrong. The goal here is to create photographs and artwork that make you feel something every time you see it. In order to do this we need to spend some time to get to know you.

Below you'll find a brief outline of your journey towards creating some of the most meaningful artwork you'll ever own.

An engagement experience with us is an opportunity for you and your partner to discover and celebrate what it is that you love most about one another. Over the phone, we'll explore what makes your partner so special so that we know what to focus on during the shoot.

This is when we take all of the amazing information that you shared about each other and use it to create photographs that you'll feel a deep emotional connection with. The session creates a natural environment in order to let your unique personalities shine. It's truly a celebration of your story!

Kick back and relax with a glass of wine as you and your partner joyfully recount the time you spent together during the session. This is the most exciting part of the entire experience!

After reviewing the photos, with our help, you'll select your favorites and together we'll design timeless pieces of artwork for you to display proudly in your home.

The photographs that you've chosen to display in your home will serve as an everyday reminder of what you love most in your partner, what makes them so special, and just how much they adore you as well.


Wall Art is the best way to give life to your precious photographs. Proudly display them in your home where they can be enjoyed every day! Let them greet you when you wake up in the morning, get home from work, and relax in your living room. We offer Wall Art in three finishes: premium hand crafted canvas, modern high-gloss metal, and non-reflective metal. With the help of our Design Consultants, we'll make sure that you select the finish that best suits your home and style.



As time passes, your engagement album will become one of your most prized possessions. Many of our couples choose an engagement album to serve as the first volume in their story together. Leave it open to your favorite page and display it in your home for everyone to enjoy!



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