Forever Session

"See yourself through your partner’s eyes "


 Being in love is a transcendent experience that surpasses many other emotions. Take a second to think about that special person in your life, and how they came to be that person. Do they make your stomach fill with butterflies even if it has been years? Or do they make you feel like you’re coming home every time you see them, and missing a piece of yourself every time they’re gone? Love affects every one of us differently, but that is what makes each love story so fascinatingly unique. 


Now that you are taking the steps to make your love official, you may want to document this journey to keep with you and share with your loved ones. Many couples do a standard engagement session to do exactly that. However, "Forever Sessions” are truly the most honest way to capture the love, personalities, and bonding of a couple whether you are about to get married or been together for 30 years. 


Forever Sessions involve a few steps that let us, as your photographers, capture the most honest parts of your relationship with your partner to recreate the loving atmosphere for you to hold on to, well, forever! Our sessions start off with what is called a “discovery call” for introductions of the couple. After the discovery call, the photographic experience is scheduled and once it is complete the couple is then invited back to our studio in Maynard for a design consult that same day. 


Discovery Call


The discovery call is one of the most important steps in the Forever Experience. A phone call is made to the couple individually, where we privately discuss their relationship and the stories that come along with it. The true meaning of the call is to allow us to envision that person’s partner through their eyes, someone who is familiar with them and their personality.  This allows us to capture key moments at  the photographic experience and to capture the true emotions of that couple. This can get a bit emotional- you might want to keep those tissues handy!


Photographic Session


The photographic session is used to create a natural, comfortable environment for the couple to be themselves and express their love. Each session is assigned two hours and is used to capture what others may not see behind closed doors- those precious playful, hilarious, adorable and romantic moments that truly show your unique personalities and how they twine together. Our goal is to let each couple become just like our best friends, so that they are comfortable and relaxed in our company, with or without the camera being aimed.