Jeanethe and Josh

Photos by Jamie and Gary

Couple | Jeanethe + Josh
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Brides Shoes | Etsy Shop in Greece
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Tux Designer | Kennith Cole
Planner | All Aboard Event Planning
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Makeup Artist | Sam Cleaves
Florist | Grown at moms house , Grooms Brothers, and Hawke’s Florist
Getting Ready | Parents Farm (Childhood Home)
Ceremony | Beach next to Fort Popham Historical site
Reception | Parents Farm in Phippsburg, Maine
Catering | For the Love of Food & Drink
Entertainment | East Coast Soul
Transportation | Moms Classic Cars

While at times the right words will escape us, the actions you’ve shown have given me this trust to spend the rest of my life with you.
— Jeanethe Cummings

It was said by Ghandi that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Well this is how I feel about you. 

Before we've had the chance to share a room, that which you've provided to our little animals goes to show the kind of guy that you are. The care and creativity in attention you give to them is simply so pure. You let them be them, and you do the same for me. 

I've never once felt that I've needed to change a fundamental part of who I am to work with you. And despite our story to get to today, I've always known it was right. 

I don't know where you found the strength to move me to DC to follow a dream job, but we grew stronger together even as we went further apart. But all of that deepened my already steadfast trust in your heart. 

While at times the right words will escape us, the actions you've shown have given me this trust to spend the rest of my life with you. 

Today and for the rest of our days, I vow to continue to try to find the right words but also the actions to support you--and let you be you. 

Ever since we first met, somewhere inside I knew this day would come. My heart has been excited and my soul inexplicably content. There's always something new we do. Something new to see. You keep me going when I'm tired and you're always a step ahead of me when I try to pull pranks. You make me laugh at moments I wouldn't expect: intersections, waking up. When I'm with you, I've just never felt a deeper sense of peace. 

I vow to provide the same to you as best I can to support your heart and what feeds your soul. I'll keep you on your toes and make our home as restful a reprieve with you as we can. I'll say it here too that I vow to agree to as many animals as you happen to want to bring into our home. 

You're the person I want to do all the small things with, not just the big things. From hearing nothing but the waves and a coconut hit the sand, to the early morning scramble of excited rabbit feet. It's the compilation of all these small moments with you that make life so much fun.

Every day is an adventure. After so many years apart by miles and states, today feels like reaching the top, but our climb has just begun. We don't know what tomorrow holds but because of you, your character, your heart, your humor, I'm ready to face anything if I'm holding your hand.  —— Vows from Jeanethe