Captain Linnell House Wedding | Chelsea + Chad

Dude.  I LOVE weddings on Cape Cod.  There's just something about the atmosphere of a beach wedding that reminds me of my home in California, so when Chelsea and Chad first sat down with me to talk over plans, well...I was hooked from the get-go.  And it definitely didn't hurt that we were kindred spirits and had much of the same life story to tell.  You see, much like my wife and I, Chelsea and Chad decided to say "screw it" to tradition and live the life they wanted without some idea of how they are supposed to do things.  They met through work years ago and it didn't take long for them to become friends and start dating.  They never officially had a first date, nor do they care.  All that matters is that life together comes naturally and over the course of about ten years they've built the life they wanted, complete with a home, dog, and their two beautiful daughters Emma and Eleanor.  And life is good!

Together with their family and friends, Chelsea and Chad were married on Skaket Beach in Orleans, MA, overlooking the Cape Cod Bay.  And while there were some formalities, the wedding day wasn't about all that.  It was about celebrating this life they have built together.  After the ceremony, Chelsea and Chad held their reception at the Captain Linnell House and partied the night away with those closest to them, laughing at toasts from their friends, sharing special dances with their daughters, and doing all they could to soak up every last second with a smile on their face.

And while every wedding day is special to me, this one hit home a bit more than most.  As they day rolled on I couldn't help but think back to the day when Jen and I got married and how we shared so many of the same sentiments.  At one point during their dance with Emma and Eleanor I even found myself tearing up, thinking about how special it is to be able to share these moments with your children.  It's something I remember so well and something I hold so dear to my heart.  So thank you Chelsea and Chad.  Thank you for reminding me of my own wedding day and helping me to feel that much more connected to everything that was happening.  I know I've already told you this a ridiculous amount of times but you really do have a beautiful family and I count myself lucky that we were the ones to document this amazing time in your lives!