Grand Teton Wedding | Colleen + Richard

I first met Richard in a statistics class in college during the early 2000's.  We quickly bonded over our mutual disdain for math and our love for drawing sketches of our professor...and over the next few years we spent a lot of time together fishing, playing beer pong, partying away brain cells, and road tripping across the country.

Shortly after college Richard made a huge leap and decided to move to Jackson, Wyoming.  And while we remained close friends, life began to get in the way.  We spoke less on the phone but always made it a point to get back together while he was visiting home.  Before one of his visits, Richard called me and told me about his new girlfriend Colleen.  Knowing Richard (and his short attention span), I was stoked to meet the girl who captured his attention.  And from the first time I met Colleen, I got it.  They were perfectly made for each other.  They shared the same zest for life and I quickly realized it was only a matter of time before their new relationship became serious.

A couple years later I received another phone call from Richard shortly after he had proposed to Colleen in an airplane over the Grand Tetons.  We celebrated in true Richard and Jamie fashion, even with thousands of miles between us, and hung up with one another after a few minutes.  It wasn't long after that I had a trip to Salt Lake City planned and knew I needed to take this time to go celebrate with Colleen and Richard in person so once I landed in Salt Lake, I rented a car and made the drive up to Jackson.  We spent the next two days together taking epic photos and reliving our college glory days.  One early morning while we were out to breakfast, Colleen and Richard began to tell me about their wedding plans and while there weren't too many details ironed out yet, I knew it was going to be incredible.  So when they asked if I would be interested in being their wedding photographer I couldn't say "YES" fast enough.

Another year passed and the day had arrived.  The day I was going to bear witness as one of my dearest friends pledged himself to the love of his life.  I spent the morning with Colleen at a private residence at the base of the Grand Tetons.  The morning was full of laughter and excitement and seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.  Once Colleen was dressed and ready to rock, we made our way up the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram and that's when things went from amazing to EPIC!!  Richard and Colleen first saw each other at the top of the Grand Tetons overlooking Jackson Hole and the place they have made their home.  With miles and miles of gorgeous scenery surrounding us, I watched (and photographed) as the surroundings quickly fell away and it became just them in this place.  The perfect moment where nothing and no one else existed.  It's a moment I live for and one I will never forget.

The rest of the day was just as amazing as I could have expected.  With their family and friends, Colleen and Richard said their vows on a private property with their favorite place on this earth as their backdrop and partied the night away with reckless abandon...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Congratulations Colleen and Richard!  I love you guys to the end of the earth.  Thank you so much for bringing me along this journey with you!