Maine Maritime Museum Wedding | Jenny + Andrew

One of my first encounters with Jenny and Andrew was late one night after I had just gotten home from photographing a wedding.  They had recently moved into the house behind our own and while we'd exchanged pleasantries over the fence we really hadn't gotten to know each other all that well yet.  So in true Jamie fashion I decided to hop the fence and crash their house warming party.  And while some random guy climbing over the fence could have created an awkward evening for all involved, Jenny and Andrew embraced it, greeted me with two beers, a laundry list of new friends, and a mission to catch up to their level of drunkenness. A few minutes later I found myself in one of the most intense drinking games I've been apart of since college.  I can't remember much, but from what I do, there were a bunch of people circled around a table, a lot of yelling, and ping pong balls and beer were flying everywhere.  A perfect Saturday night!  A couple hours later, after things began to wind down and I had conned them into hiring me as their wedding photographer, I somehow managed to climb back over the fence without breaking any bones (can't say the same for the chair), climbed into bed, and woke up the next morning knowing I had made some pretty awesome friends the night before. And now, a full year later, Jenny and Andrew have become very close with my family and we find ourselves carrying on in the same fashion as the first time we met...bbq's, drinking games, and late nights around a fire pit.  

So when the day that these two would be married finally arrived, I couldn't be more excited to be there with them!  Together with those closest to them, Jenny and Andrew chose to say their vows overlooking the waters of the Kennebec River at the Maine Maritime Museum.  The entire day was a perfect representation of their love for one another, complete with plenty of intimate moments, side splitting laughter, smoke bombs, and even a few minutes of fishing after the ceremony.

Jenny and Andrew, thank you so much for trusting the crazy guy over the fence to capture your memories!  Jen and I love you and look forward to celebrating every chance we get!