Castle Hill Wedding | Vanessa + Mike

I don't know what it is about Vanessa and Mike but one thing is for sure...every time we get together, amazing things happen.  It all started on the coldest night of the year when they drove to Boston from New York City to meet over cocktails and talk about their wedding day.  And from the moment we met, we all hit it off and I began an incredible journey that began by documenting landmark moments in their life but over the last seven months has developed into a deep friendship with no end in sight.  

When Vanessa and Mike's wedding day finally arrived I found myself more anxious than usual.  Not because I was nervous or that I was worried I wouldn't live up to their expectations as a photographer.  It wasn't that at all.  I was anxious simply because I was excited to see them.  I was excited to be a part of something so incredible that I'm struggling now to put into words.  I couldn't wait to be right alongside as Vanessa read Mike's letter, surprising her with a honeymoon to Croatia, or fleeting moments like Mike grasping his fathers hand exiting the ceremony and seeing their faces so full of pride. I was excited to see Vanessa and Mike with their daughter Olivia and to bear witness as she was baptized and held high in the air like a scene out of The Lion King.  But most of all I was excited to be welcomed in to their amazing family, knowing that this is only the beginning of our journey together.

Vanessa and Mike - I don't even know where to begin or how to thank you enough for the love you've shown me since meeting only seven short months ago.  I feel as though we've known each other forever and it's only now that our souls have re-connected.  You reserve a special place in my heart and I am so excited to see where this life takes you and the things you will accomplish together.  You're truly one of a kind.


Additional Wedding Info:

Hair & Makeup Artist:  Wavelengths Salon
Flowers:  Toni Chandler Florals
Planner:  Molly Emond | Castle Hill
Location:  Castle Hill Inn
Caterer:  Castle Hill Inn
Desserts:  Momofuku Milk Bar
Entertainment:  Mike Amado | Entertainment Specialists
Photobooth:  Mike Amado
Videographer:  Mike Picard

Castle Hill Inn Wedding | Annie + Josh

As I awoke on the morning of July 8 I could feel that it was going to be a good day.  After rolling out of bed, the first thing I did was check the Underground Weather app on my phone to see if the forecast that called for rain the night before had changed.  And just as with their engagement session, mother nature smiled upon us and decided to have the rain hold off so Annie and Josh could hold their Castle Hill Wedding the way they originally planned; on the lawn overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by those closest to them.

Together with their family, friends, a pastor, and a caricaturist (I promise this isn't the start of a bad joke), Annie and Josh made their way to Newport, Rhode Island from Houston, TX to host the wedding of their dreams.  Meticulously planned by Em Devaud Events, Annie and Josh's wedding was a breathtaking event filled with the perfect amount of intimate moments and laugh out loud moments that are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who was fortunate enough to attend.  From the flowers (Grace Kim Flowers) adorning the archway during the ceremony to the gorgeous centerpieces, the toasts erupting the tent in laughter, and The Free Downloads bringing the house down and packing the dance floor, Annie and Josh's wedding was seriously amazing and we count ourselves lucky to have captured such a magical day.

Congratulations Annie and Josh!  We love you guys and can't wait to see where this life takes such an adventurous couple!

Additional Wedding Info:

Hair & Makeup Artist:  Love Notes by June | Contact:
Flowers:  Grace Kim Flowers | Contact:
Planner:  Em Devaud Events | Contact:
Location:  Castle Hill Inn
Caterer:  Castle Hill Inn
Desserts:  Castle Hill Inn
Entertainment:  The Free Downloads Band | Contact: