Upper West Side, New York City Engagement Session | Vanessa + Mike

A few weeks back I was able to shoot down to New York City for an engagement session with Vanessa and Mike.  The last time I saw them was when they made the trek up to Boston on the coldest day of the year to grab a drink (let's be real...we had a few) at Bukowski Tavern and talk about their wedding taking place later this year at Castle Hill in Newport, Rhode Island.  We hit it off instantly and by the time the night was over we knew we were like peas and carrots and that this was a match unlike any other.  

Fast forward a few months and we found ourselves in Central Park on one of the warmest days of a mild spring, picking up right where we left off, talking about life, family, and getting along like friends who have known each other for decades.  They laughed as I told them about my previous experiences shooting in New York and I watched as they danced to a woman playing accordion at Bethesda Terrace.  By the time the night was over we'd trekked all over the city and created some amazing images together.  Once we decided to call it quits we wrapped up the night the way we began by kicking back cocktails and planning for the wedding in September.

One thing's for sure...if the wedding is half as fun as the times I've spent with Vanessa and Mike up to this point, it's going to be one hell of an affair.  So stay tuned...it's sure to be one of the weddings to look out for this year!  For now, enjoy these images we made near their home on the Upper West Side.