Engagement Session Planning Tips

Contrary to popular belief, engagement sessions are not just a dry run with your photographer. Their purpose is to capture the love that you and your fiancé share and celebrate in all of the things that led up to this momentous time in your lives. An engagement session is meant to allow you to reflect back on why you’ve chosen this person to be your partner for life and fall back in love with all of those little things that brought you here in the first place. They also offer a really great opportunity to have gorgeous photographs that can be turned into wall art and celebrated on a daily basis. So to ensure you get the very most out of your session, we’ve compiled a few short Engagement Session Planning Tips for you!


Engagement Session Planning Tips

  1. Location
    The location you choose should complement who you are as a couple. We recommend a location that is full of meaning and memories over having pretty pictures in a pretty place without any secondary meaning.
  2. Clothing
    Be comfortable! If you don’t wear a three piece suit on a regular basis, chances are you’ll feel uncomfortable and out of place if you decide to wear one during your session. Wear clothes that reflect the real you…you know, the one your partner fell in love with.
  3. Be Spontaneous
    Not just subject to sudden weather changes, spontaneity comes in all shapes and forms. Don’t be afraid to climb on some rocks or take the path less traveled. The love you have for each other trumps all else so don’t be afraid to be adventurous together.
  4. Have Fun!
    You’d think this goes without saying but all too often, couples become so nervous about their engagement session that they forget to have fun together. Remember, this session is about you celebrating each other. If you’re rocking RBF, it’s going to show in your photos.
  5. Props
    In our opinion it’s best to leave props at home. You don’t need bags full of stuff to create an environment that doesn’t exist. The best environment is the loving atmosphere that you and your partner create together!

And there you have it! Hopefully these Engagement Session Planning Tips will help make your session run a little more smoothly. Don’t worry if you’re a little nervous going into your session. That’s completely normal! Just remember that the purpose of these sessions is to celebrate the human that you love the most in this world. If you can keep that in mind, your engagement session will go off without a hitch!

10 Essentials for Every Groom's Emergency Kit

Following our 10 Essentials for Every Bride’s Emergency Kit post last week, this one is specifically for the fellas. Your suit is pressed and clean, the rings are in your pocket, and you’re surrounded by your best buddies. But don’t forget these items, because you never know when they’re going to be needed. Here is our 10 Essentials for Every Groom’s Emergency Kit.

Redwood and Rye_Maria & Jeff_W-171.jpg

10 Essentials for Every Groom’s Emergency Kit

  1. Deodorant
    It’s hot…you’re sweaty…we get it. Is that any reason to not smell your absolute best?
  2. Floss
    Because food stuck in your teeth is never a good wedding day look...
  3. Aspirin/Tylenol
    Don’t let a headache hold you back on the best day of your life!
  4. Extra Shirt Buttons
    For all of those times you go #beatmode and pop a button...
  5. Stain Remover Pen
    Did you get a little overzealous with the appetizers? Don’t forget your portable stain removing pen for any of those sudden spills!
  6. Shaving Kit
    Whether clean cut or rocking a gnarly beard; be sure you go in looking your best.
  7. Cash
    Bring some “just in case” money. Don’t be the awkward guy when it comes to tipping your limo driver.
  8. Tissues
    Yea we know…you’re tough and don’t cry. Do you know how many times we’ve heard that before? Cut the crap and be ready!
  9. Breath Mints
    Do you seriously want to stand at the altar in front of the love of your life with stank breath? C’mon man!
  10. Antacids
    Even if you’re not prone to stomach issues, these are a must! You never know when they will come in handy!

You never know when a situation may arise where one of these items will come in handy. With so many moving parts on the wedding day, anything is possible. Hopefully these 10 Essentials for Every Groom’s Emergency Kit will never be needed on your special day but it’s always smart to have them just in case. 

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