Meet Gary

Redwood and Rye_Owener Partner Lead Photographer Gary Young-2.jpg

“My wife and daughters are my everything! oh and the dogs…”

Big Bearded Softy…

Photography wise it was something I never thought I would do for a living, I started my photography career in my late 20’s just as something to do for fun outside of being an electrician and father of three daughters. I started with landscape, and street photography and quickly became addicted to the fly on the wall feel of it. I always challenged myself to find unique angles, and new ways to see the world. That approach is seen in my work today.

As a person… well, being married to my best friend and soul mate, father to three of the most beautiful, strong, and wicked smaht women evah is how I spend my off days. Married for almost 20 years and the kiddies all grown up the wife and I love traveling, enjoying good rye, always on the hunt for the best old fashioned, and being vegans. My goals in life currently is to travel the country in a van with our little dog winter a.k.a “my buddy” and enjoy the little things just in every state possible!