Meet Jamie


Big Bearded Softy…

Lots of photographers will tell you how they were born with a camera in hand or are obsessed with the beauty of the world around them. Jamie will tell you all of this was by accident.

Through a series of random college classes and chance encounters, Jamie sort of fell into this photography thing and after a couple years found himself photographing his first wedding. It wasn’t until he found the raw energy of a wedding day that he decided to abandon the traditional 9-5 in search of something that would fulfill the deepest parts of his soul.

A decade and hundreds of weddings later, Jamie still continues to bring his love of fun and high energy to every wedding he photographs.

Outside of photography, Jamie enjoys soaking up as much time with his family as possible. It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting on the couch together for Friday movie nights or loading up in the car to head out for the next road trip adventure, Jamie’s family are the lifeblood for everything he does and provide the inspiration to never give up on your dreams.