We invite you on a unique experience. An experience that will result in the most meaningful photographs ever taken of you and your partner. Photographs that will express the depth of your love for each other. By getting to know you as well as an old friend, we'll work with you to celebrate all the things you love about your partner in order to capture photographs that will celebrate the raw emotion and true reasons why you've chosen them as your life mate. 

Engagement photographs should be so much more than just a casual encounter. Your Boston engagement session should document a part of your life in a way that complements the beauty of your wedding day.



The Redwood & Rye Engagement Experience is so much more than a simple photoshoot. It's an opportunity to celebrate each other and all of the little things you love about one another. The goal isn't to get to know each other before the wedding day. If we haven't gotten to know each other before our session there is something seriously wrong. The goal here is to create photographs and artwork that make you feel something every time you see it. To see the love you each have for each other, the goal is to capture you seeing each one of you through each others eyes.