Backyard Wedding in North Kingstown, Rhode Island | Brooke + Mark

The story of Brooke and Mark’s backyard wedding actually begins years before, when from across a crowded backyard barbecue, Mark saw the girl of his dreams.  From that moment Mark knew he would do whatever it took to get to know this girl.  He mustered up the courage, walked over, started a conversation, and hasn’t left her side since.  Fast forward past all of the dates and amazing trips to places like Florida and Mexico, Mark decided it was time to make the love of his life his bride.  So he took the next couple of months planning the perfect proposal for Brooke and when the time came, pulled it off flawlessly.  The evening of the proposal began as a guide brought Brooke and Mark around a privately guided tour at Greenvale Vineyards.  After the tour was over, Mark and Brooke found themselves in a private area where there was a bottle of Pinot Grigio and two wine glasses waiting for them.  Mark got down on one knee and asked Brooke the only question he would only ask once.  “Brooke Elizabeth Vecchio…will you marry me?”

Fast forward again and here we are…the day these two become one.  Brooke and Mark’s wedding was the perfect combination of elegant and fun.  And with every detail meticulously planned by Erica Trombetti of Infinite Events, everything went off without a hitch and Brooke and Mark were able to relax, knowing this day was going to be incredible.  And incredible it was!  Brooke, Mark, and all of their guests were simply overflowing with love and they truly enjoyed every moment to the fullest.  After their ceremony at St. Thomas Moore Church in Narragansett, the real party kicked off in the incredible backyard setting of Mark’s Aunt.  Through all of the chaos, the speeches, the Ferrari’s, backflips, and shots, I was able to bear witness as Mark and Brooke cemented their love for each other.  It was like no wedding I have ever been a part of.  One of those weddings that makes me take a moment to appreciate why I’ve chosen to document peoples love stories for a living.  Congratulations Brooke and Mark!  I can’t wait to see where this crazy life takes two people so passionate about everything they put their hearts into!