Harbor Lights Marina Wedding in Warwick, Rhode Island | Katelyn + Mike

I am seriously lucky to work with the couples I do.  Some people might shy away from my crazy ideas but when I told Katelyn and Mike that I wanted to get in the ocean to photograph their first look for their Harbor Lights Marina wedding, their faces lit up with excitement and they told me to bring a wetsuit because the water would be cold.  Fast forward a week later and I found myself neck deep in the water at Oakland Beach, sporting a huge smile as I watched through my viewfinder while Katelyn approached Mike, taking their first steps towards a new life together.  As Mike turned to see Katelyn he had to fight back tears, telling her how beautiful she looked…and that, my friends, is why I do this for a living.  When someone is so overtaken by love and emotion that the only way to express it is with tears of joy…that’s when you know someone has found their soulmate.  And with Katelyn and Mike, there’s no question that these two belong together.

After the first look we met up with the rest of the bridal party for a few photos before the ceremony and Katelyn and Mike’s awesome idea to take a selfie during the first kiss as husband and wife.  I’d never had anyone do this at a wedding I was photographing so to join in the fun I took one of my ceremony selfies while they were taking theirs. A selfie within a selfie…or as I like to call it, selfie inception.  Here are a few favorites from a really fun day and a wild night at Katelyn and Mike’s wedding.  Enjoy!