Engagement Session at Crane Beach | Emily + Sean

Emily and Sean are my kind of people.  They are fun, adventurous, and totally spontaneous.  They are the kind of people who jump in the car for not one, but two cross-country road trips!  The kind willing to quit their jobs and drive around the country for 12 weeks just so they can soak up some of what this life has to offer.  So when they asked me if we could head out for a Crane Beach engagement session on their boat, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  Fishing is my jam and I honestly couldn’t think of anything more fun than hanging out with a super rad couple while doing something I love.

After weeks of planning and being forced to reschedule because of torrential downpours, the day finally arrived!  We all met up at their boat slip in Ipswich and as we boarded Emily handed me a beer…the first sign that we were in for an awesome evening together.  We began by heading over to Crane Beach to hunt for sand crabs and take advantage of the beautiful light.  After spending a little bit of time on the beach we all decided that it was time to climb back on the boat and head out on the water for some fishing photos.  It was then that I really got a glimpse into Emily and Sean’s love for fishing and how it brings them closer together.  As they baited hooks and trolled the waters hoping to catch a monster fish, I decided to jump in the cold water to try to get some photos that would truly show what they love to do together.  And as the sun set over the water, we were able to do just that!  One single frame that encapsulated Emily and Sean.  One frame that told their story.  A truly perfect end to a perfect day.

Gloucester Beach Engagement | Katrina + Seth

Many a laugh have been shared over vodka tonics with Katrina and Seth.  So when they asked me to head up for a Gloucester beach engagement session I was all in.  I seriously can’t get enough of these two.  We seem to all share the same personality and quite often find ourselves finishing each others sentences…mostly with stupid movie quotes.  They love to laugh and smile and live this life to the fullest.  And by bringing that mentality to the engagement session, coupled with the ridiculously gorgeous setting of the beaches of Gloucester, we were able to make some incredible images together.  Check it out!