Black Point Inn Wedding | Devon + Chad

Photos by Jamie and Eric

Couple | Devon + Chad
Dress Designer |
Theia - Daria
Brides Shoes | Badgley Mischka 
Brides Jewelry |
Liza Beth
Tux Designer | Joseph Abboud
Hair/Makeup | Bei Capelli - Adeline
Florist | Black Point Inn - Marcia Davis
Ceremony | Black Point Inn
Reception | Black Point Inn
Entertainment | Jay Bragg Band

Don't you just love it when life connects people through the most random of ways? That's the case with how Devon and Chad found us at Redwood & Rye. About a year before Devon and Chad's amazing wedding at Black Point Inn in Scarborough, Maine, I met Devon's sister on a random flight to Austin, TX where I was headed to photograph another wedding. After spending nearly the entire flight vetting Harry Potter movies for our children (those movies get super dark!), upon our decent I struck up a conversation with Adrienne, hoping to get to know the person sitting next to me a little more. We talked a little about life and our jobs and once I mentioned I was a wedding photographer she told me her sister was getting married back in Maine the following summer and was currently looking for a photographer who was a little "different" from the run of the mill wedding photos they had been seeing. Cue the perfect segway into me showing off our work! After the flight we said our goodbye's and as I left the airport I had no real expectation to hear back from her.

Cut to a few months later when Devon gets in touch with us and it was instantly a match made in heaven. Right from the get go, we knew that Devon and Chad's wedding was going to be incredible. It was apparent that they had a deep love for everyone who was to be involved with the day and overall, Devon and Chad wanted to enjoy the day with their family and friends without having to worry too much about the logistics as the day was unfolding. That attitude...coupled with our intense love for just winging it and seeing what happens made us the perfect fit for one another.

Leading up to the wedding day we had the privilege of getting to know Devon and Chad quite well. We learned all about how Devon loves Chad's patience and perspective. Like the time when he decided to install a bench on their property so the school kids had something to sit on while waiting for the bus in the morning. Or like how Chad's most anticipated moment on the wedding day was when he'd get to see Devon walk down the aisle towards the rest of their life together. And the more time we spent learning about what they love about one another, it just cemented in our minds that they were the type of clients we dream of working with. 

Devon and Chad - You guys are f*cking amazing! Thank you for reminding us what it's all about. I feel truly fortunate to have gotten to know you both over the past year and look forward to where this crazy adventure we call life brings! We love you!!

Red Barn Wedding | Emily + Brian

When it comes to Emily and Brian, one this is certain...these two love to have fun!  Whether they're taking trips around the world or spending summers enjoying the water of Long Island Sound on their boat, Emily and Brian just love to soak up every ounce that this life has to offer together.  

Their story began through a mutual friend at work who introduced Brian to Emily.  He then convinced Emily that she should go see a movie with some mutual friends so they could get to know each other better. Since that day, life has taken them on adventures all over the world together but to this day, their favorite place is Washington DC, where they make a trip every year and is also where Brian proposed.  It was a proposal he had been planning for weeks.  

Emily and Brian arrived to DC on a Thursday and Brian planned to propose first thing the next morning.  But as luck would have it, it was pouring rain on Friday, leaving Brian with a ring in his pocket for 24 hours, waiting for the perfect moment to propose.  Since Emily didn't suspect anything, they went out and had a normal night in DC, enjoying some amazing sushi and each others company.  The next day the rain moved out and Emily and Brian decided to go out for a walk in the morning.  After Emily's frantic search for cold brewed iced coffee they settled to relax on the capital steps next to some flowers.  And since this trip to DC is an annual thing, they spent time talking about all of the experiences they've had together in the city.  Emily said "It seems like we've literally done everything" at which point Brian replied with "Well, there's one thing we haven't yet done...and that's get engaged!"  Emily was shocked and immediately started crying tears of joy, asking Brian if this is real life.  A couple minutes later, after never actually answering the question, Brian intervened and asked again, to which Emily responded with "Of course!".  And the rest, as they say, is history!

Congratulations Emily and Brian!  We can't wait to see where your journey's take you next!