Elm Bank Reservation Wedding | Tania + Byron

As I sit and reflect back on Tania and Bryon's wedding at the Elm Bank Reservation I can't help but be thankful for this career path I have chosen.  It's hard to imagine another job where each time you walk into a room full of people, everyone is happy and excited for the day ahead or where intimate, fleeting moments are followed by an all out raging party.  But that's exactly what I think about when I think of Tania and Byron's wedding.  I think about the room where the girls were getting ready;  crazy whirlwind of laughter, inappropriate jokes, and hairspray.  I think of the anxious look on Tania's face moments before she and Byron saw each other for the first time.  I think of the excitement on both of their faces when their dog Frodo came running out in his little tux...or about their wedding ceremony with a backdrop that looked as if it had been pulled from The Great Gatsby.  I think of the look of pride on their parents face as they stood at the altar reciting their vows to one another.  But most of all, I think about the story of how they got here.

Tania and Byron met through mutual friends in college.  They can't remember what actually constituted as their first date since most of their time spent first getting to know each other was while sitting on a couch playing Mario Kart, but one day they decided to hang out just the two of them and grab a bite to eat.  Byron was always more of a "burgers and beer" guy but Tania was able to talk him into expanding his horizons and he agreed to try sushi for the first time.  It was this spark of experiencing new things together that helped their love for one another begin to blossom and over the years they've packed in as many experiences together as possible.  Whether touring local breweries, taking cruises, or sitting down to a 7-course tasting meal just to try new things, one thing is for sure; as long as they are together, they're up for anything!

Congratulations Tania and Byron and thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!